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Every autistic person is unique.

Our Co-Founder, Kaegan is one of those unique personalities. Here is our story.


It is our belief that autism is more of an Expressive difference than a learning disorder. Together, we can find the key to unlock your child's ability to Express him/herself.


It's about You.

It's about Your family and your experience. Navigate through autism your way.


We believe every person beautifies a community. Our mission is to provide community, age appropriate activities and academic lessons. These lessons lead to self expression for the neurodiverse whose bodies and movements don't always coincide with their intelligence.   


Just as Kaegan's journey began with exploration, so has yours. You have explored avenues that bring hope to your family. Our experience can benefit your journey, providing insight and techniques to further that hopeful journey. We want to share what has worked to bring about expressive ability to our son.


This isn't about intelligence. It is about the ability to express the intelligence through a means that others can understand. You and Your family take precedence. You will feel free to move forward in ways that feel right for you, guilt-free and hope-full. 


"The RPM method has broken the communication barrier for my Adam. He has so much to say, now that he can. I will forever be in awe of this miracle. Thank you to Josha and Ellen for all you do!"


Heidi Eastus

584 W. Douglas Rd Fort Collins, CO


Tel: 832-465-8808

Important Disclaimer: All information in this site is presented for support and educational purposes only. It is not intended to substitute for medical treatment or visiting a licensed medical physician. Visitors who desire to apply or use any information listed herein are urged to consult with licensed healthcare professionals first. All information is deemed reliable but its accuracy can't be guaranteed.


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