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Group Hike

Family Adventure Camps

Our Family Adventure Packages have been described as "earth-moving, transcending, transforming."

Spend time in quaint Fort Collins, Colorado as you dive into age appropriate lessons with your limited/non-speaking child in a naturally playful setting and venture out into nature for purposeful movement activities like hiking, kayaking, and horseback riding.


June 5th - 8th 

June 19th - 22nd FULL

July 10th -13th FULL

July 24th - 27th FULL

July 31st - Aug 3rd FULL

August 14th 17th FULL

Aug 21st - 24th FULL

August 28th - 31st FULL

*Pricing includes cost for one rider, additional riders can be added for a fee
**Activities are subject to availability and are dependent upon weather conditions

584 W. Douglas Rd Fort Collins, CO


Tel: 832-465-8808

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