RPM Students/Letterboard/keyboarding Communicators:

Join the Fun!

You are invited to Kaegan's "100K Chuckles Pyramid!" online party!

If you've ever wanted to be on the $100,000 Pyramid Game Show, now's your chance! (minus the $$, that is)

This is an online party where your Communicator can express him/herself or simply watch and listen and enjoy being part of the Pack! All ages and levels welcome!

When? 6/15/19 at 1pm Mountain Time

Where? Online

How? Sign Up Below and you will receive an email with a sign-in link to participate in the fun!

Enter your name, email address, Subject: Kaegan's Party, and a message that says you agree to the following guidelines:

Each party-goer will be accompanied by a communication partner.

Each party-goer will participate with respect and kindness.

Each party-goer's communication assistant will share the responsibility of commenting and participating following the above guidelines.