A day of adventure normally includes:

-2 hours of academic instruction, utilizing the Rapid Prompting Method and alternating between instruction for your child and instruction for the family/staff. This Instruction is regularly priced at $200, but "Covidly" priced at $180 for the 2 hours of instruction. No deposit is necessary as we navigate these crazy times.

-your choice of one daily adventure, dependent upon weather: hiking, water sports like kayaking, boating, or paddleboarding, horseback riding, rock climbing. Subject to availability, prices vary accordingly.

-Planned social events often accompany the adventure vacations, such as bowling, scavenger hunts, game nights or other activities with other RPM families, sightseeing excursions, and inspirational activities.

-additional RPM sessions for your child are available at $50/30+min session. When appropriate, dual or group sessions are offered.

Our adventures are in beautiful Fort Collins, CO, where there are a variety of choices for vacation rentals, which is the responsibility of the visiting family. We are happy to help with locating the ideal location for your family.

Most families choose 2-5 days of RPM Adventure, with 4 days being the most popular. Kayaking is the top requested adventure. 

Let us know if an Autism Family Adventure appeals to you and to inquire about availability.

Our Family Adventure Packages have been described as "earth moving, transcending, transforming."

Spend time in quaint Fort Collins, Colorado as you dive into Rapid Prompting Method with your child in a naturally playful setting and venture out into nature for purposeful movement activities like hiking, kayaking, and horseback riding.

We are booked for summer, 2021!

Watch for Fall/Winter availability!