A day in the life of Kaegan: We home school, so Kaegan sleeps until he wakes up, sometimes wishing to set his alarm for 8am. He has always had sleep issues, so I like to let him sleep when he can. He has begun (since RPM) to make his own breakfast, often scrambled eggs, a favorite. He cleans up after himself much more effectively than I do when I cook. ha! After breakfast, Kaegan often chooses a hobby to enjoy (also new with RPM)... puzzles and playing the piano are his favorites. He offers to help with chores, like vacuuming, taking out the trash, unloading the dishwasher, laundry help...these things are all a result of RPM and the hope derived from RPM. He loves mathematics and recently reminded me how to figure slope of a line. His favorite subject is history which we study together with his 17 year old brother, Braeden. He loves academics, which we learn RPM style at home. He graduated from High School, July, 2016, but that doesn't mean he stops learning. He recently completed multiple accelerated college courses as an online University of Illinois freshman. Illini! Illini! There is still much to do. Although, he has found himself much more able to control his body than before RPM, he still continues with that struggle, thankful that it has lessened, and with his aspirations to verbalize his thoughts. For now, he spells his thoughts for me on a letter board, and I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the "real" Kaegan. He has hopes and dreams, but realizes the short term goals must be met to ever begin on long term goals. But people, HE has goals! 

Feel free to contact Kaegan with questions or comments using the form below. :) And watch for special future  features like his past FAQ Friday posts.

While you're here, enjoy this video of Kaegan creating an email to his college professor.

You will never meet a more determined individual. Kaegan and I began our autism journey over 19 years ago. We delved into many education modalities long before any of them were "cool." We finally landed, in Kaegan's younger years in playful therapies like Son-Rise and then Natural Play Therapy and more recently in the method of RPM (Soma-Rapid Prompting Method). Kaegan was diagnosed severely autistic at the age of 2.5, after I'd already figured it out and begun working intensely with him, using behavioral methods at first. We are continually moving forward in a blend of Natural Play Therapy and Rapid Prompting Method. Here is a little information that you will find linked on other pages as well, but I don't want you to miss it!