Leaders Around Me: Autobiographies of Autistics who Type, Point, and Spell to Communicate is a compilation of 45 autobiographies of extraordinary individuals who use keyboards, letter boards, and communication devices. The authors demonstrate that people who experience communication differences have the potential to achieve major accomplishments under accessible, inclusive, and supportive circumstances. Each autobiographical narrative ends with reflection questions to encourage reader engagement and reflection. All autistic individuals deserve autistic leaders around them for support and mentoring.Type your paragraph here.

Kaegan's Published!

While you're here, enjoy this video of Kaegan creating an email to his college professor.

You will never meet a more determined individual. Kaegan and I began our autism journey over 19 years ago. We delved into many education modalities long before any of them were "cool." We finally landed, in Kaegan's younger years in playful therapies like Son-Rise and then Natural Play Therapy and more recently in the method of RPM (Soma-Rapid Prompting Method). Kaegan was diagnosed severely autistic at the age of 2.5, after I'd already figured it out and begun working intensely with him, using behavioral methods at first. We are continually moving forward in a blend of Natural Play Therapy and Rapid Prompting Method. Here is a little information that you will find linked on other pages as well, but I don't want you to miss it!