More information about RPM:

Autism Adventure Vacations

Combine RPM and NPT in a balance of learning and play.

I'm a mom, offering mom2mom assistance. 

I'm an instructor, offering instructor2instructor assistance.

I'm a fitness instructor, offering fitness fundraising assistance. I believe in you and want to invest a little of myself into your success!

Rapid Prompting Method

Natural Play Therapy

Rapid Prompting Method has changed everything for us, including what age-appropriate play looks like in our relationships. Through RPM, Kaegan can express his thoughts and opinions and dreams. ...and oh, boy, does he have them!! Read his essay from one of his first RPM sessions with Lenae Crandall here.

With a couple of year's worth of RPM experience under my belt, and having attended the RPM Introductory Coursework in Austin, TX under Soma's direction/instruction, as well as servicing 20+ families, I offer to assist you in your RPM journey, utilizing techniques that have been successful for me and my team. Other offerings include my favorite methods of  lesson planning that will save you time and keep you motivated. I can also offer troubleshooting tactics and remedies to keep you moving forward. Another strength is creating a playful atmosphere as well as academic. That's where Natural Play Therapy comes in handy.


Natural Play Therapy is often mistakenly thought to only apply to young children. While young children do benefit, all of us "play"as we relate with one another. My 17 year old and I played around with planning a computer program for him to build. He and his 19 year old autistic brother played around on the trampoline all summer. You get the idea. Play happens. Be there for it!

Through the WATCH BERDIE process of NPT, I can help you determine and set goals and find ways to inspire and teach your child/student in a collaborative way to reach those goals.

We can even utilize play to reach academic goals to enable your child/student to learn to express real language through Rapid Prompting Method (RPM).

Let's get creative and plan some games and activities that target tangible goals!