Ours is a 4 Corners Approach:

Academic lessons are key. Providing age appropriate instruction is a platform that creates interest and the opportunity to utilize higher order thinking skills. Academics can calm the protective nature of the lower brain when the academic level of the student is met with information that fires the upper, more logical thinking brain. Keeping the flow between instructor and student interesting allows the student to demonstrate understanding through our choice based delivery methodology which utilizes choosing between words as well as letters to choose or spell responses pertaining to lessons.

Communication is key. The result of respecting a student’s intellect by presenting age appropriate academics, and offering that student a method of responding and participating in the lesson is foundational in becoming proficient in communication. Students learn to choose between letters to spell responses in a back and forth exchange between teacher and student. This academic approach often leads to more open communication.

Life experiences are key. We delve into the great outdoors (and indoors) to experience life in a fuller and bigger, more purposeful way, taking our communication out into the community, volunteering services, and moving the body in purposeful ways as we climb, hike, and row and move the body in cross brain motor activities!

Purpose in Movement is key.  Experiencing life in purposeful movement may seem like a no-brainer to some, but it is actually an all-brainer! Besides getting the brain involved in cross-body movement in the community and outdoors, we will help you implement a full brain/body movement program that will aid in calming anxiety and in integrating primal reflexes. (Details coming soon)

The Four Corners Approach to Unlocking Potential

Education and Communication

Communication, inclusion in life experiences, and age appropriate education are often missing pieces in the lives of those who are underestimated because of autism and many other diagnoses that involve communication/movement deficits. Who first called information POWER?! Bravo that person! We strive to emPOWER our students with academic lessons that incorporate a choice based opportunity for a responsive exchange between instructor and student.

You will find our personal experience with autism, communication, home-schooling, and movement both instructional and motivating. In addition to this valuable experience, teaching all grade levels at home and creating in-home autism programs for her own family, Josha is a licensed special education teacher, with emphasis on language development and early childhood education, so ACADEMICS and COMMUNICATION are her jam. She brings playfulness to the table as a certified Natural Play Therapy Coach. Josha has been trained in and continues her education in the Rapid Prompting Method and is currently studying Reflex Integration Techniques involving rhythmic movement. Both Josha and Kaegan have backgrounds in fitness and incorporate this knowledge in providing purposeful movement activities for families who adventure out with them in the community and into the Rocky mountains for rich LIFE EXPERIENCES. Josha is a licensed Zumba and Zumba Kids instructor as well as a Yoga instructor, with a wealth of knowledge pertaining to health and fitness. Kaegan has studied with Mike Ramirez of SpecialFit and looks forward to awarding you with his coaching skills via an online platform that is in development. With a drive to protect our planet, he recently completed an Environmental Sustainability certificate study through the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, online, and will soon begin the pursuit of the full undergraduate degree. Kaegan is a mentor and a guide through an exclusive world and into a world of inclusion, including the university opportunity. You can look forward to his Mentorship Project to be released mid-March, 2020, as a program to inspire, instruct, and include autistic peers, parents, and teachers. Stay tuned for the fruition of many other of his aspirations! With communication, and the right support for academic achievement, and inclusion in life experiences, goals are achieved and the world becomes a better place for us all.

Be There, and Be Square!