It all comes down to you. What resonates with you? what feels possible and doable to you? Let's tailor this program to YOU!
Kaegan Smith
​Community Outreach
Kaegan is your autism specialist who manages our ever-important relationships within the community through Q/A and Blog.

You and Your family take precedence. You will feel free to move forward in ways that feel right for you, guilt-free and hope-full.

About Us


We want to share what has worked to bring about Expressive ability to our son. This isn't about intelligence. It is about the ability to express the intelligence through an understandable means.

Every person beautifies a community.

Learn more about our founders, Kaegan and Josha Smith.

A dream team to hand out dream smiles.

Josha Smith
Your fellow-MOM and Special Education Teacher who Explores RPM and NPT techniques with you to discover the KEYS to your family's success.
Just as Kaegan's journey began with exploration, so has yours. You have explored avenues that bring hope to your family. Our experience can benefit your journey, providing insight and techniques to further that hopeful journey.
It takes a dedicated team and we want to team up with YOU!
Our mission is to provide community and age appropriate activities and academic lessons, that often lead to self expression, to the neurodiverse whose bodies and movements don't always coincide with their intelligence. .